Boundless empowers students to pursue their aspirations.

An all-inclusive programme for Form 4-5 students.

Available free-of-charge.

Mentorship from University Students
University & Scholarship Application Guidance
Job-shadowing Opportunities
Overseas Volunteering/ Local Volunteering Project
Skill Workshops and Academic Exploration

Boundless provides under-resourced students with mentorship and training opportunities that help them succeed in the future.

We focus on helping students to develop life skills that are not easily acquired within school. In particular, we hope that students can learn to take self-initiative of their development, to be confident in themselves, and to openly embrace new experiences. We believe that these are the traits that ultimately enable students to realize their full potential.

Behind this programme is a community of over a hundred university students and young professionals who have volunteered at Boundless. We provide students with guidance on university applications and help them explore career paths. We do so because we believe in the positive change one can make by empowering others.

Programme Highlights

Overseas Volunteering

A week-long trip will be held in the summer with the aim of increasing the global exposure of students and to help build their personal character.  In previous cohorts, students have been to Mongolia, Myanmar and Thailand.


Students are paired up with university students who act as mentors and share their insights on university course choices, career paths and general tips in personal development. All mentors are trained by YMCA and abide by strict ethical and confidentiality guidelines.

Job-shadowing Opportunities

It is often difficult for students to make subject and career choices. For this reason, we partner up with local companies and institutions to provide job-shadowing experiences to students.

Latest Events

Academic Exploration Days 2021

In March, we have organised two Academic Exploration Days which aimed at providing hands-on experiences of university life, including lectures and…

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Overseas Study Webinar 2021

On 23 Jan 2021, our Overseas Programme Team has held an Overseas Study Webinar via zoom. Non-Boundless students were also welcome…

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Online Orientation Day 2021

Although there was social distancing policy, Boundless tried to bring mentees and mentors together with online activities. On 17 Jan 2021,…

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Orientation event with mentors

Orientation Day 2019

Today we kicked off the fourth cohort of programme. Our mentees met their mentors for the first time, got to acquaint…

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Partners and supporting organisations

Student Testimonials

“The committee is very passionate… compared with other organizations with similar programmes, they are much more compassionate and warm”

“Boundless是一個很好的活動,在這個過程當中不僅讓我更加理解大學的生活和自己心目中的理想科目,還讓我認識了許多厲害的人,讓我更加的發奮努力 。 此外,在參加Boundless的過程中,有許多的工作坊都是我第一次參加,在感覺新鮮的同時,也讓我學習到了不少額外的知識,受益匪淺。最後,十分感謝Boundless給我的這些經歷和機會,希望Boundless能夠一直舉辦下去,幫助更多有需要的學生!”


Students reported to gain confidence, self-initiative, and willingness to embrace new experiences


Students said that Boundless helped with their career planning and personal development

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