The Project 2021 — Preparation

In Youth Forum, mentees have chosen Environment: Plastic Pollution as their main theme. They decided to organise an art exhibition in late August. From April to August, they did a lot of preparation so that the final product could be as perfect as possible. 20 mentees were separated into three groups — Admin, Art and Promotion teams. They have contacted numerous NGOs and shops to collect plastic wastes as the raw materials for the exhibits. We have hired an art tutor, Jen, to guide our mentees through the whole artwork-making process. The Promotion team has set up an Instagram page to promote the exhibition and raise the awareness of the pollution problem. They also produced a documentary video about the life of plastics, guided by the supervisor, Anson.

Countless meetings

Collecting plastic wastes

Categorising the plastics by their types and colours

Site visit

Making art pieces


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