Student testimonial of mentorship programme

Testimonial from Bonnie

This post is orignally published in YMCA’s 2018 annual report.

The year with Boundless started off when Jack Frost nipped at my nose and drew to an end when the wind chilled me to the bone, but I was embraced in warmth throughout the year.

I am not a determined person, when I was getting lost in the fog and feeling confused, Boundless lit a lamp for me and guided me to the bright future. My mentors, the committees and social workers were always there to listen to my fear and frustration. They squeezed their time to help me to access to countless information and help from people in various fields. I was awarded the precious chance of internship in CUHK laboratory under the personal guide of professor. Boundless gave me strong support when I was applying to local and UK universities, including holding interview and personal statement workshops with human resources manager and helped me to reach professional organisation to help me with the preparation of the assessments required in the application.

Besides, the strong spirit of Boundless built trust between us. In the service trip to Chiang Mai, we put off our masks to enjoy being ourselves and had fun with one another. We shared our deep thoughts, laughter and tears. All these lit a fire in our hearts, to show our true selves and try our best to be passionate and help others. I believe, the fire is going to be passed on in Boundless and spread to the society and make a change.

Boundless has been with me through ups and downs. It always reminds me that I never walk alone. Inspiration on one’s life by life, this is Boundless.

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