Boundless offers Form 4 and Form 5 students a programme that kicks off in November/ December each year and continues until September in the following year. The programme consists of 5 major components: mentorship; university and scholarship application guidance; job-shadowing opportunities; overseas volunteering/ local volunteering project; and skill workshops and academic exploration. Upon completing the programme, alumni may continue to participate in some of our alumni-exclusive events and personal development opportunities.

Schedule: The events and programme timetable vary slightly each year. In general, the programme kicks off in November/ December with an orientation event. Students can expect one or two events to be held every month, with occasional meetings with mentors. A week-long overseas volunteering trip will be held in the Summer.

Fees: No fees required. The programme is fully funded by the YMCA of Hong Kong alongside with the generous support from our partners.

1. Mentorship

  • Participants will be paired up with mentors at the start of the programme.
  • A mass orientation day and outdoor learning camp will be organized to allow all mentors and mentees to mingle.
  • The focus of the mentorship is to help mentee explore university and career options. Mentors may also share study tips to prepare mentees for university applications.
  • Meetings between mentor and mentee will follow a standard framework that is in accordance with YMCA safety, ethical and confidentiality guidelines.
  • A training session for mentors will be hosted by YMCA to ensure they fully understand the importance of complying with relevant guidelines.
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2. University and scholarship application guidance

  • Students will receive direct guidance from mentors on how to select and apply to local unitveristy programmes.
  • For participants seeking to study abroad, Boundless secures additional overseas mentors who to provide necesary assistance. We also partner with an education consultancy that provides specialist support.
  • Many of our mentors and committee members have first-hand experience in the application processes of competitive universities and scholarships. This provides reassurance to our students.

3. Job-shadowing opportunities

  • We partner with a variety of organisations in Hong Kong to arrange job shadowing or internship opportunities to our students during the summer holidays.
  • These internships normally last for 1-2 weeks, depending on our actual agreement with individual organisations.
  • In the past, students at Boundless have received internship opportunities across the private, public and social sectors. The available placements vary from year to year, but we endeavour to secure and match opportunities relevant to students.
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4. Overseas Volunteering/ Local Volunteering Project

  • An overseas service trip will be held in summer with the aim of increasing the exposure of our students and to help build their personal character.
  • Travel and living expenses will be fully funded by the YMCA of Hong Kong.
  • Students will prepare for and engage in activities such as teaching or construction, depending on the needs of local communities.
  • The trip is expected to last for approximately 7 days during the summer.
  • In previous years, we have been to Thailand, Myanmar, and Mongolia.
  • A local volunteering project will be held if the overseas service trip is cancelled.
  • In 2020, students have organised an art exhibition about plastic pollution, which has attracted over 800 visitors.

5. Skills Workshops and Academic Exploration

  • Workshops focused on skills such as CV writing and interviewing will be held throughout the year.
  • There will also be academic exploration for students to gain hands-on experience of university life, including going to lectures and laboratory practicals.
  • This aims to enhance students’ competitiveness both in acedemic and professional environments.
  • Trainings will be provided by local partners, sometimes in collaboration with Boundless volunteers.
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Application 2021/22 has been closed. Information regarding the 2022/23 intake shall be released in the Summer of 2022.

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