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Orientation Day Camp 2021

In July, Boundless held an Orientation Day Camp in YMCA of HK, Tsim Sha Tsui. We played a lot of team building games together. The …
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The Project 2021 — Preparation

In Youth Forum, mentees have chosen Environment: Plastic Pollution as their main theme. They decided to organise an art exhibition in late August. From April …
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The Project — Youth Forum 2021

Boundless organises an overseas voluntary trip every summer holiday. Due to the pandemic, the trip was cancelled this year. To keep the elements of ‘serving’ …
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Academic Exploration Days 2021

In March, we have organised two Academic Exploration Days which aimed at providing hands-on experiences of university life, including lectures and practicals, and in workplace. …
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Overseas Study Webinar 2021

On 23 Jan 2021, our Overseas Programme Team has held an Overseas Study Webinar via zoom. Non-Boundless students were also welcome to join this event …
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Online Orientation Day 2021

Although there was social distancing policy, Boundless tried to bring mentees and mentors together with online activities. On 17 Jan 2021, we organised an online …
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Orientation event with mentors

Orientation Day 2019

Today we kicked off the fourth cohort of programme. Our mentees met their mentors for the first time, got to acquaint with other mentees and …
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Graduation Dinner 2019

We held a graduation ceremony to mark the end of the third cohort of the Boundless programme. Some students shared their feelings about their experiences …
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Boundless overseas trip in Mongolia

Mongolia Service Trip

Our students set off for a service trip in Mongolia. The 7-day journey was full of challenges, yet this did not turn them down from …
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Academic Exploration Day

We were delighted to successfully debut our academic exploration day in the 3rd cohort on 20th April. Our students had the opportunity to explore different …
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Chatteris workshop

English Enhancement Workshop 2019

The Chatteris English Enhancement Workshop was successfully held on 6th April. By interacting with native English speakers from all across the globe, our students have …
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CV and interview skills workshop

CV and Interview Skills workshop

On 23rd March, our students participated in their first practical skills workshop kindly provided by Ampla Education. With the tutors’ interactive teaching and practices, we …
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Mentorship orientation event 2018

Orientation Day 2018

The Orientation Day for our new cohort on 29th December marked the commencement of Cohort 2018/19. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to …
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Graduation dinner 2018

Graduation Dinner 2018

Our empowering community gathered in celebration of students’ growth in the Graduation Dinner of second cohort on 22nd September. Our students reflected on how their experiences in …
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Service trip to myanmar

Myanmar Service Trip

Our students set off for an overseas service trip in Myanmar on 20th August. In this 5-day adventure, students stepped out of their comfort zone …
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Chatteris English Enhancement Workshop

English Enhancement workshop 2018

Our students cultivated their global perspective in the Chatteris English Enhancement Workshop on 21st April, where they had the chance to learn about the university …
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Summer programme at QM hospital hku

Queen Mary Hospital Job Shadowing

In April, four of our mentees shadowed Dr. Fang on providing daily assistance at Queen Mary Hospital, Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology. Shadowing a doctor …
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