Boundless overseas trip in Mongolia

Mongolia Service Trip

Our students set off for a service trip in Mongolia. The 7-day journey was full of challenges, yet this did not turn them down from collaborating with their peers, initiating and executing their service plans.

We were also grateful to be accompanied by member staff from our sponsor CITIC Group and the hospitable Mongolian youth, who actively engaged themselves in the services and exchanged ideas with our students throughout the trip.

We are glad to see that our students are back as an open-minded and adaptive team player, with nice memories and friendship leaving behind.

Boundless Mongolia Service Trip 2019

<Overseas volunteer trip>Participating in volunteer trips is not only a meaningful act that allows us to serve the underprivileged, but it is also a valuable experience which stimulates our personal growth as well as broadens our horizons. Here in Boundless, we offer students an opportunity to go on an overseas volunteer trip in the summer and learn to take up the responsibilities as a global citizen. In previous years, our students had left their footprints in Thailand, Myanmar and Mongolia. The following is a video edited by students about the trip to Mongolia last August. Check out our unforgettable journey with YMCA Mongolia.If you would like to help those in need and have an unforgettable summer, don’t hesitate and join us now! Application for 2019/20 cohort is open till 27th October (Sun).Visit for more details.————————————————————————<暑期海外義工服務>參與海外義工服務是一件很有意義的事,同學不但能服務有需要的人,藉此體會「施比受更為有福」的道理,更能拓寬視野,促進個人成長。Boundless為同學提供寶貴的暑期海外義工服務機會,讓同學肩負起世界公民的責任,無分種族地關心和服務有需要的社群。過往三年,Boundless的同學曾踏足泰國、緬甸和外蒙古當義工服務,以下是由同學親自剪輯,有關去年八月在外蒙古服務時的精彩片段。如果你也希望度過一個充實而難忘的暑期,Boundless絕對是你的不二之選!2019/20年度計劃的報名日期將延長至10月27日,詳情請瀏覽 。Music used:Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip PhillipsCute from

Posted by Boundless on Thursday, October 17, 2019
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