1. Mentorship

2 participants will be paired up with 2 mentors throughout the year-round mentorship programme. Meetings between mentor and mentee will be carried out based on suggested framework provided by Boundless. The mentorship guidelines are in accordance with YMCA safety, ethical and confidentiality guidelines. A training session for mentors will be hosted by YMCA to ensure they fully understand the importance of complying with relevant guidelines.

Phase 1: Ice-breaking and career exploration

A mass orientation day will be organized to allow all mentors and mentees to mingle. The first mentor-mentee meeting will focus on exploring the mentees’ university and career options instead of directly proceeding to subject-specific guidance.

Phase 2: Preparation and Guidance on University Application

Having understood mentee’s career preference, mentors will introduce such fields in depth to mentees through different activities e.g. ‘guided reading’ and small group discussions. Guided reading is whereby mentors suggest interesting articles and books for students to gain deeper insight relating to their specific academic interests. Such readings are closely related to their chosen university courses. It is hoped that having a deeper understanding in certain field will assist them in writing personal statements and interviews in upcoming university application. Our mentors will also share about their studying skills with their mentees, in hope of enhancing students’ academic performance and better qualify them for future applications.

Phase 3: Skills Enhancement period

We believe soft skills are essential for mentees to develop their career in the future. In phase 3, networking skills and social etiquettes will be introduced to mentees.

2. University & Scholarship Application Guidance

For local university application guidance, students can ask for assistance from their buddies in the mentorship programme.

For participants who have indicated interests in studying overseas, they will also be provided with:

  • High quality support via professional tutors from a leading educational consulting firm in Hong Kong
  • An additional mentor from overseas universities, mainly from the U.K. and the U.S.

Mentors will advise students on their personal statements and test preparation to help ensure they are on a level-playing field with more financially-supportive applicants. Other than that, Boundless will tap into our pool of co-founders, committee members and mentors who have gone through the overseas scholarship application process successfully. Hence, our Boundless mentors completely understand what competencies interviewers are looking for to prepare our students fully. Not only that, many of our founders and mentors are current scholarship recipients of scholarships such as HKSES and Jardine Scholarship. They will be able to share about their scholarship application process with our students and advise our students. Through providing support and guidance throughout the process, we aim to make the application process a more stress-free one for our students.

3. Job-shadowing Opportunities

We will arrange job shadowing or internship opportunities to students in summer. The internship programme will normally last for 1-2 weeks, depending on our actual agreement with individual firms.

Regarding the range of internship opportunities available, Boundless have been actively seeking internship through YMCA and the committee’s network. After the intake of successful applicants, we will take their career aspiration into consideration and further confirm job shadowing opportunities that fit their preference.

4. Overseas Volunteering

An overseas service trip will be held in summer.

The major aim of overseas service trip is to increase global exposure of students and to help build their personal character. The trip is expected to last for 7 days during summer. Travel and living expenses during the trip will be fully supported by YMCA of Hong Kong.

Participants will be responsible for the volunteering content by initiating different activities, namely building projects for local communities. Through designing activities, presenting their own ideas and building a project from scratch, participants can develop their leadership skills in a team.

5. Interview & CV Workshops

One-off skills workshops will take place in February and March, namely CV writing workshop and interview workshop. It is hoped that strengthening such skills will enhance students’ competitiveness in applying for further studies.

The workshops will be run by a local partner, potentially in collaboration with Boundless volunteers to share their own experience. More details will roll out when we admit incoming students.