Mentor Recruitment

What is Boundless about?

Boundless, a non-profit initiative under YMCA of Hong Kong, is a student development programme that empowers aspiring secondary-school students who are constrained by resources and network. We believe that our society thrives only when its youths are offered sufficient resources to grow and develop their potential. This is why we bring mentorship as one of our programme’s highlights.

Why mentorship?

Having gone through public exams and the process of university applications, university students are believed to possess the ability to walk with our students, understand their concerns and offer guidance. In our mentorship programme, university student mentors will be paired up with our students to share their personal experience, build friendship and offer guidance on study, career and beyond.

What will mentors do?

Apart from regular mentor-mentee meetings, mentors will take part in other programme activities including outdoor camp and Chinese New Year gathering with mentees. See our mentorship guidelines here for more details. Not only you get to witness and empower the growth of our students (which is an extraordinary journey), the mentorship experience will provide you with a learning experience which is equally rewarding.

Why should I join Boundless?

Founded, designed and organised by university students, Boundless is a place where exceptional people support motivated high-school students who can benefit the most from our initiative. It is also a place where exceptional people learn and grow with the teenagers that they serve. If you share the same vision as we do, we are excited to have you as our mentor and contribute to this meaningful cause. We are openly recruiting mentors for our 2019/20 cohort.

How to apply?

All local and overseas university students are eligible for application. Applicants will be invited to a casual coffee chat with committee members. If you wish to become our mentor, please read the mentorship guidelines and apply by filling in the online application form by 15th November 2019 (Friday), we look forward to hearing from you!