Committee Recruitment 2020-2021

Committee Recruitment 2020-2021

Approaching the 5th year of Boundless, we are looking for fresh faces to join us on our empowering journey. For more details about the roles which are open, please refer to this document

What is Boundless?

Boundless, a non-profit initiative under YMCA of Hong Kong, is a student development programme that empowers aspiring secondary-school students who are constrained by resources and network. We believe that our society thrives only when its youths are offered sufficient resources to grow and develop their potential. This is why we bring mentorship, skills-based training and a variety of opportunities to students that are most in need of them. Our goal is that through the programme, we can help nurture talents and ultimately create a lasting social impact in Hong Kong.

Why Boundless?

Founded, designed and organised by university students, Boundless is a place where exceptional people support motivated high-school students who can benefit the most from our initiative. It is also a place where exceptional people learn and grow with the teenagers that they serve. If you share the same vision as we do, we are excited to have you on our team and contribute to this meaningful cause. 

What does it mean to be part of the committee?

As a committee member, while it is a sizeable commitment, the rewards are immense. Not only you get to witness the growth of programme participants (which is an extraordinary journey), the experience will provide you a learning experience which is equally rewarding. Since Boundless is a well formalized initiative under YMCA of Hong Kong, committee members get to work alongside with experienced NGO workers and programme partners. Regardless of your role, the hands-on process of creating a social impact is invaluable.

Who can apply?

University students as of 2020-2021 (including 2020 DSE students) are eligible for application.

How to apply?

Please apply by filling in the online application form by 1st August (Sat). Interviews are carried out on a rolling basis and we will get in touch with you via email within a week after receiving your application. Of course, if you are interested in multiple positions or simply want to get involved in alternative ways, we would love to hear from you as well.

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